Retailers: How to make your shop welcoming

While retailers will agree that repeat customers are their bread and butter, never overlook the importance of attracting new customers to help boost your chances of profitability.

There are many ways of encouraging customers to enter your store. Apart from having great stock and marketing it properly, making your shop more welcoming is the key to turning passers-by into customers.

Both the exterior and interior of your premises are equally important: the exterior will attract people inside and the interior will make them want to stay and browse. When you’re up against stiff competition from your high street rivals and online stores, you need to be the best.

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First impressions

First impressions count and passers-by will make a snap decision within seven seconds, according to psychological research. Even though you can take in only a tiny snippet of information in seven seconds, your brain assumes this represents an accurate picture.

If someone approaching your store thinks it looks old-fashioned, unwelcoming, or dingy, this first impression may make them walk on by – especially if they’re dazzled by the shopfront of your rival three doors down.

Keep your windows and doors in pristine condition, with a style in keeping with your brand, to make a good first impression. Displays, signs and devices should make potential customers stop and come in by grabbing their attention – make sure you keep them clean. This will help you attract more foot traffic.


Signage and window display

Create a memorable, monumental sign that makes you stand out from the competition. Having a compelling sign above clean, sharp windows and masonry will attract more passers-by. Some retailers choose digital signage that can change throughout the day.

The other important exterior feature is your window display, which should be truly show-stopping. Tell a story well and intrigue passers-by, so they want to come in and see more. A great window display encourages impulse purchases.

An example of this is a summer window display at a jewellery store, featuring a miniature scene in a park. On one end of an oak bench, a young man gets down on bended knee to propose to his fiancée. At the other end, an elderly woman admires her own engagement and wedding rings. The simple sign says, “A diamond is forever.”


Front of store

Once you’ve attracted the attention of potential customers, don’t waste the opportunity to show them your best products right away. Often, the foyer area at the front of the shop can be a wasted opportunity. Why not have a stunning display of your top products to grab everyone’s attention literally as they walk through the door?

Let people know they are entering a stylish store. Have an interior designer add some style. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed ambience, an edgy feel, or a family-friendly environment, ensure your shop floor reflects this. Setting the tone at the entrance lets customers know exactly what to expect from the moment they walk in.


Don’t look shabby!

Make a statement with wallpaper and carpeting that complement each other. If your carpet in the entrance is starting to look worn, replace it before it makes your shop look tatty. An exterior and entrance that look shabby can never be welcoming and are likely to make customers think your products will be of the same low standard.

On a similar note, if you’re a clothing retailer, never put last season’s merchandise on rails outside, with “sale” stickers on. Rather than attracting customers with your cheap prices, it smacks of tat that you’re representing your business with the old stock that nobody wanted in the first place.

Always remember there’s more to it than just getting more customers through the door. Your conversion rate of changing browsers to buyers is very important, so create an exceptional shopper experience with the best customer service to this end.

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