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From the initial consultation and survey, to the technical planning and design, and the manufacture and installation; everything we do is planned with precision and comes with reliable after-sales care.


As specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of custom-make glass shopfronts, our services extend to clients across the UK.
Did you know that 95% of customers are influenced by a business's exterior and that 52% feel that if the exterior of a shopfront looks uninviting, they would be deterred from entering the store?
Commercial Aluminium Shopfronts provides quality manual aluminium doors for commercial clients in the UK.
At Commercial Aluminium Shopfronts, our fenestration expertise extends to the design, manufacture and installation of high-performance glazed aluminium doors for commercial properties all over the UK.
At Commercial Aluminium Shopfronts we tailor-make, install and service automatic aluminium doors for commercial clients all over the country.
Commercial Aluminium Shop Fronts is the UK's premier curtain walling manufacturer.
As well as our manufacturing and installation expertise, we can also improve the thermal and acoustic performance of any existing windows in a commercial building.


We design, hand-craft and install high-quality, cost-effective bespoke architectural entrances for industrial units, statement office buildings and prestigious corporate headquarters. All our state-of-the-art entrances include solar shading - a fully integrated energy efficient solar control solution that provides shade or privacy when required. What you do in your business makes you unique. What we do on the outside can mirror that. After you have given considerable thought to the look of your entrance, the next step is to consult with our experts to discuss the finer details of your project. We will listen to your design requirements, understand your business needs and consider regulatory implications to supply you with AutoCAD drawings of your new entrance. We will also provide clear, honest advice and transparent costings so that you can make an informed decision regarding the best all-round solution. Looking for entrance design expertise? If you're looking to create or update the entrance to your business or if you would like a specialist to repair your existing design, click the button below to arrange a consultation.
Commercial Aluminium Shopfronts creates, manufactures and installs bespoke architectural entrance facades, nationwide. We understand that the exterior of a building has the important role of making a good first impression for any business. All our designs - which are limited only by imagination - are innovative, practical, secure and cost-effective. They provide the perfect branding opportunities. You make your business prominent on the inside, so let us make it distinct from the outside.  After considering how you would like the entrance of your business to look, the next step is to book a free, no-obligation consultation with our experts to discuss the finer details of your designs and ideas. During the initial discussion we will listen to your requirements, understand your needs and provide you with relevant information about the design, construction, raw materials and regulations that may impact your project, so that you are equipped to make an informed decision about the bespoke solution that best suits your needs. Looking for facade design expertise? If you're looking to create or update the entrance facade to your business or if you would like a specialist to repair your existing design, we'd love to hear from you. Click the button below to arrange a free consultation.
If you are looking for custom-made shopfronts, our bespoke solutions are built to reflect your business image. How are you going to present your business to the public? First impressions count, so it makes perfect sense to invest a lot of time and thought into your shopfront so that you stand out from the crowd. Once you've got a few ideas, share them with the professionals   Aluminium shopfronts are very versatile, so the ways in which they can be fabricated are limited only by your imagination. We like to have an initial consultation with all our clients so that we can really understand their design ideas. We also give careful consideration to accessibility, security and council/government building regulations. For those who are struggling to come up with design ideas, our team of highly-skilled and creative architects can contribute suggestions, recommend products and provide advice and guidance so that you can make an informed decision about which shopfront solutions will work best for your particular requirements. Looking for shopfront design expertise? If you'd like to discuss your ideas with us or if you would like some inspiration from our specialists, we'd love to hear from you. Click the button below to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

Aluminium Shopfront Installation Specialists

We have developed a reputation for delivering high-quality, hand-crafted products with a reliably quick turnaround. We pride ourselves in providing an outstanding service and have become a leader in the fenestration industry. Our experts have been privileged to work with a variety of large, reputable businesses and organisations.

In a world of stiff competition, we appreciate that being able to make a strong, long-lasting first impression is important. What better way to achieve this than by making the exterior of your building stand out from the crowd? With the help of our highly-skilled, creative engineers, this is entirely possible. A new, fully branded entrance or cleverly renovated office or shopfront is crucial to converting passing footfall into loyal custom. Our industry expertise will help you to make a big statement.

By recognising that quality is paramount, from the initial consultation right through to installation and after-care, our services are completed with pride in our work and client satisfaction in our minds. With most construction projects, timing is crucial and that is why we complete our tasks as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.

As all our products come with a twelve-month guarantee, you will have complete peace of mind in the knowledge that you are making a sound investment.

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February 27, 2020
While retailers will agree that repeat customers are their bread and butter, never overlook the importance of attracting new customers to help boost your chances of profitability. There are many ways of encouraging customers to enter your store. Apart from having great stock and marketing it properly, making your shop more welcoming is the key to turning passers-by into customers. Both the exterior and interior of your premises are equally important: the exterior will attract people inside and the interior will make them want to stay and browse. When you're up against stiff competition from your high street rivals and online stores, you need to be the best. Welcoming shop © Odua Images /   First impressions First impressions count and passers-by will make a snap decision within seven seconds, according to psychological research. Even though you can take in only a tiny snippet of information in seven seconds, your brain assumes this represents an accurate picture. If someone approaching your store thinks it looks old-fashioned, unwelcoming, or dingy, this first impression may make them walk on by - especially if they're dazzled by the shopfront of your rival three doors down. Keep your windows and doors in pristine condition, with a style in keeping with your brand, to make a good first impression. Displays, signs and devices should make potential customers stop and come in by grabbing their attention – make sure you keep them clean. This will help you attract more foot traffic.   Signage and window display Create a memorable, monumental sign that makes you stand out from the competition. Having a compelling sign above clean, sharp windows and masonry will attract more passers-by. Some retailers choose digital signage that can change throughout the day. The other important exterior feature is your window display, which should be truly show-stopping. Tell a story well and intrigue passers-by, so they want to come in and see more. A great window display encourages impulse purchases. An example of this is a summer window display at a jewellery store, featuring a miniature scene in a park. On one end of an oak bench, a young man gets down on bended knee to propose to his fiancée. At the other end, an elderly woman admires her own engagement and wedding rings. The simple sign says, "A diamond is forever."   Front of store Once you've attracted the attention of potential customers, don't waste the opportunity to show them your best products right away. Often, the foyer area at the front of the shop can be a wasted opportunity. Why not have a stunning display of your top products to grab everyone’s attention literally as they walk through the door? Let people know they are entering a stylish store. Have an interior designer add some style. Whether you're looking for a relaxed ambience, an edgy feel, or a family-friendly environment, ensure your shop floor reflects this. Setting the tone at the entrance lets customers know exactly what to expect from the moment they walk in.   Don't look shabby! Make a statement with wallpaper and carpeting that complement each other. If your carpet in the entrance is starting to look worn, replace it before it makes your shop look tatty. An exterior and entrance that look shabby can never be welcoming and are likely to make customers think your products will be of the same low standard. On a similar note, if you're a clothing retailer, never put last season's merchandise on rails outside, with "sale" stickers on. Rather than attracting customers with your cheap prices, it smacks of tat that you're representing your business with the old stock that nobody wanted in the first place. Always remember there's more to it than just getting more customers through the door. Your conversion rate of changing browsers to buyers is very important, so create an exceptional shopper experience with the best customer service to this end. Vision express When you want to create a welcoming shopfront for your business, Commercial Aluminium Shopfronts can help. We supply and install high-quality shopfront windows for retail premises of all sizes. Please contact us for details.
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January 27, 2020
Fenestration plays an important role and it can make a positive impact in commercial terms. Architecture is an art form and fenestration is the design and arrangement of windows and other glazed elements that often provide a major focal point. It can be the most notable feature of the building, covering a range of design elements including windows, glazed doors and glass curtain walls, to name but a few. Easy Hotel   Energy-efficient design When considering the design of a new building, architects take into account the energy performance of fenestration products to decide on the best option. There are three main areas: the U-value of the glazing, the Visible Light Transmission and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. The U-value measures how well heat is transferred by the whole window or door, including the frame, glass and sash, either into or out of the property. The VLT refers to the measurable amount of daylight that travels through the glazing system. The SHGC is the amount of solar radiation that passes through a window, skylight or door, either directly or absorbed and released as heat inside the building. Glazing with a lower SHGC transmits less solar heat and has a greater shading ability.   Key factors These three factors are taken into account to enhance the comfort, energy-performance and liveability of the building. The U-value is particularly relevant, as it rates the insulation provided by the glazing. The lower the U-value, the better the glass protects the property from heat transfer. The SHGC rating is measured between zero and one. A zero rating means no solar heat will pass through the window. A one rating means 100% of the available solar heat will pass through the glass. Using rated fenestration products can boost the energy performance of your building, achieving optimum savings and greater comfort. Climate influences the choice of fenestration products. When the building is in a hot climate, the window ratings are aimed at reducing heat gain indoors. In mixed climates, the fenestration needs to balance heat gain against heat loss. In cold climates, it must reduce heat loss from the building.   Aesthetic appeal Retail and other commercial premises need an attractive shopfront that appeals to customers, turning passers-by into shoppers. Fenestration plays a key role in the premises' appearance. Curved or frameless shopfronts are available, with double or single-glazed windows and automatic doors, low energy-rated glass systems, curtain walling and self-cleaning units for ease of maintenance. Advances in technology have enabled the manufacture of low-rated glass systems, such as Planitherm, energy-efficient triple glazing, Argon and Krypton gas-filled units, manual attack-resistant laminated glass and Superspacer units with warm-edge technology. Different strengths of glass are available for enhanced security applications, including bomb-resistant filming, bullet-resistant glass and bonded aluminium glazing for doors.   Innovative designs Curtain walling can create a feeling of space, offering a seamless link with the outside world, while maintaining the security and safety of the premises. Using clever glazing to allow daylight into the premises will save energy in terms of lightning, so the design and placing of the fenestration are vital to help save money on bills. A well-designed shopfront can also enhance the ventilation of the interior of the building. Controlling the airflow depends on the physical characteristics of the design. Modern designs increase employee and customer comfort, ensuring the interior is warm in winter, but never hot and stuffy, even in the warmer summer weather.   Impressive entrance Constructing aesthetically-pleasing and energy-efficient fenestration designs does not necessarily provide huge challenges for the modern architect. Fenestration greatly impacts the functionality of a building, so it follows that a shop-keeper whose premises are on a busy high street will probably want a shopfront with plenty of windows to show off their products and attract passers-by. There needs to be an impressive entrance, but not one so elaborate that it flouts every rule in terms of energy efficiency. It pays dividends to ask an expert for advice on balancing the two requirements. A professional can advise on whether a glass shopfront or a glazed shopfront is best for your personal needs. By designing and installing the optimum shopfront and fenestration solution for your requirements, Commercial Aluminium Shopfronts can help your commercial building to thrive. Give us a call today on 0116 4640124, email, or use our handy online contact form to find out more.
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November 14, 2019
High street retailers are encouraging customers to take a chance on them this Christmas - pointing out the advantages of shopping in a bricks and mortar store, rather than online. The high street is fighting back after a mediocre year in an uncertain economic climate! A report released in September revealed high street shops had suffered their worst month's trading since 2011, with the financial uncertainty caused by Brexit largely being blamed for the slump. Sales in-store were down 3.1% compared with September 2018. London High Street © lazyllama / Adobe Stock   High street blues Sales had already plummeted by 2.7% prior to this. According to the BDO High Street Sales Tracker, the worst-hit category in 2019 was lifestyle, which fell by 5.4%, producing its worst figures since the recession in November 2008. Fashion had recovered slightly at the start of 2019, but sales fell by 2% in September. The continuing wrangle over Britain's impending exit from the EU was cited as the largest single contributory factor, although the collapse of big household names such as Thomas Cook appeared to unnerve shoppers even more. Some analysts have called it a "disastrous" year for the high street so far.   Festive fightback It's no surprise that retailers are hoping to fight back this Christmas. Traditionally, this is the "golden quarter" in the financial year, thanks to Black Friday and the festive season, so the sector needs to finish the year strong. A consumer survey of 1,000 adults in the UK in August 2019 revealed 30% of them intended to head to the high street first for their Christmas shopping. This compared with 30.1% of respondents who planned to shop on Amazon. The survey by Shopblocks concluded it was important that the high street made every effort to entice shoppers who were planning to look online for gift ideas. Bricks and mortar stores have a unique opportunity to give consumers something the e-commerce stores can't offer - the whole sensory experience of physically checking out products. For example, people can test the make-up and check out the colours in person. Many larger stores even offer customers a free mini-makeover so they can see how the latest cosmetics look. Customers can smell the perfumes, feel how smooth the garments are and touch the shoe leather to test its quality.   Christmas experience While it's undoubtedly convenient to shop online from your own home, in the run-up to Christmas, there's nothing like the complete high street experience. Walking through a shopping centre, hearing the festive music, stopping to listen to carol singers and grabbing a snack from a food vendor... well, that’s what Christmas shopping is about, surely? Soak up the Christmas atmosphere in the shops and then go for mulled wine and mince pies to bring your trip to a festive conclusion. Retailers need to capitalise on the enjoyment of Christmas shopping in person to lure consumers away from internet shopping sites like Amazon and eBay. The current Visa Christmas advert encourages people to shop on the high street. The advert features 13 real-life shopkeepers including a greengrocer, a bookseller, an antique dealer and a café owner encouraging shoppers to shop locally. They sing Queen's Somebody To Love, as they ask people to show their high street some love and support local businesses.   Window display With competition at a peak over Christmas, just what can shopkeepers do to make their premises stand out from their rivals? First impressions count and the answer is to have an eye-catching and engaging window display that stands out from the rest as shoppers walk down the high street. It's the first thing people see, turning passers-by into customers. Even if you're a small retailer, who doesn't have the luxury of a dedicated visual merchandising team, make the most of your window space with the resources you have available. Your Christmas window display is the key to your festive sales and it's important to give it plenty of thought and plan the design carefully. Concentrate on building a positive identity for your brand, so that passers-by are tempted to stop, take a second look and come inside.   Story-telling Most professional window dressers will agree that a Christmas window display works best when it tells a story. This relates to the fact that we love hearing stories as children. When we grow up, we still love a good story, so visual merchandising that captures a magical Christmas tale can connect with shoppers on an emotional level. Think about the story you wish to tell and how it impacts on your brand and your target audience. Create a festive feeling using a mixture of lights and colours. The traditional festive hues are golds, reds and greens and you can incorporate them into your window display, further setting the mood with the lighting and decorations. You have only one chance to make a first impression, so help the high street fight back this Christmas by creating an enticing window display that captures the festive spirit. Even if you attract only a small percentage of the thousands of passers-by, this will increase your footfall significantly. Commercial Aluminium Shopfronts (CAS) supplies and installs high-quality shopfront windows for your retail store, creating a fresh and inviting feel. Please contact us for details – we can help you stay in the game!
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