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The latest innovation to enhance the high street is technical window displays. As technology gets increasingly advanced, just about anything is possible – and today’s digital displays are integrated so seamlessly into our everyday lives that we possibly don’t even realise how many there are.

When we’re out shopping, digital signage solutions can attract and charm us. They’re not just a flashy marketing tool. They can improve the overall customer experience and when used as part of a window display, they will attract passers-by into your store, who may otherwise have simply walked past.

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Savvy retailers are incorporating the latest digital technology into their marketing techniques. Whereas a shop window display in years gone by was often colourful and attention-grabbing, ultimately it was static.

Today, interactive displays can further enhance the customers’ opinion of the store and interest them before they even step through the door. Striking window displays offer some serious benefits for retailers.


Total experience

People love interacting with things. Whereas a static window display might catch our eye, we enjoy the total experience of seeing and touching something interesting. It’s more likely to draw us in.

The difference between an interactive and a static window is like watching a live band busking in the street, compared with reading a poster on a bus shelter about their forthcoming gig. We’ll be automatically drawn to something interactive, while we might easily walk past the poster, especially if we’re in a rush.

This typical human behaviour is the main reason why interactive displays are so valuable for high street stores. They have the “wow” effect that makes us want to go in and experience more.


Engaging and fun

An interactive retail display has a big impact on customer engagement, creating loyalty and confidence towards the brand. Any type of interaction with a brand makes the customer more likely to remember the store and the brand in future.

In addition, interaction provides more fun and entertainment. Trying out an interactive display is something we’ll enjoy doing. Increasing the entertainment aspect of shopping is a bonus for retailers, because shopping is supposed to be fun, rather than a chore.

Customers will want to try out these new tools that are putting the fun back into the high street. A prime example of this is Nike’s interactive window displays at Selfridges in London.

These included one window where customers walking past outside were invited to stand on a marked spot on the pavement and jump as high as they could. The height of their jump was measured electronically and displayed as part of the window display. They could even see the resulting photo of their jump in a gallery in the shop window!

The Dutch creative agency, Staat, had designed and created eight interactive window displays for Nike at Selfridges. The windows were on display during the 2012 London Olympics, with each window display interacting with passers-by in a different way. The technology creating the interactivity was provided by Kinect.



As well as being fun, technical window displays are educational. Retailers are continually searching for ways to let customers know about their products without being intrusive. The integration of touch screens and videos can attract customers’ attention, letting them know about a product’s features and benefits.

The display can demonstrate a product and point customers towards a sale. This can be a more successful method of imparting information to customers, rather than having a salesperson approach and try to enter into a discussion.

Consumers would generally rather be in control of when and how they get the information – many don’t like being forced into a conversation. They would rather see an interactive window display at their leisure.



The beauty of technical window displays is that they are flexible. The retailer can change them as often as they choose. They can test the content and find out what attracts people the most – this is made possible by a content management system.

Digital menu boards are everywhere today, from fast food stores to petrol stations. They give retailers the option of changing the information as many times in the day as they like, within seconds. The way in which the menu boards are constantly changing give consumers the feeling that all of the items on sale are fresh and new.


Target audience

Technical window displays can be geared up to a business’s target audience. For example, a car showroom can give customers the drive of their life, as high-quality driving sequences can be projected showing the various vehicles in action. This enables potential customers to visualise themselves in the driving seat.

Travel agents can transport potential customers to exotic shores and their dream destination and make dreams a reality by using a technical window display. Window shoppers can take a look at the bargain holidays on offer, while taking virtual tours of the hotels or leisure attractions.

High street stores can also use their interactive window display to advertise their business partners’ complementary services. This provides the potential for the service to become self-financing.

Thanks to today’s new tech, the possibilities for window displays are endless and in the current competitive retail environment, retailers need to ensure they have an edge over competitors by having the best window displays on the high street.

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