How to Create a Captivating Christmas Window Display!

Although it doesn’t seem long since we were enjoying the summer heatwave, it’s now less than three months to Christmas! Retailers should be thinking about how to create the best Christmas window display to grab the customers’ attention.

Window shopfronts are very important when it comes to attracting passers-by and if you have an eye-catching display, it gives you an advantage over high street competitors. Display your brand and demonstrate your store’s unique personality – it’s a proven winner for driving sales.

Christmas window display

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Interactive displays

Every year, there’s huge competition to create the ‘perfect Christmas window display’, particularly among the major retailers and department stores. Christmas sales can compensate for a mediocre year, when shoppers flood in searching for the perfect gift.

Traditionally, retailers go for plenty of sparkle when it comes to a festive display, stirring up some Christmas magic. One of the modern trends is an interactive display that can transform your storefront into a personalised advert.

The displays will pitch products, depending on who’s looking in the window, based on their gender or age. If a child walks past, for example, images of toys can be projected on to the window. The retailer who has an interactive display can stand out this Christmas.


Festive themes

Another popular Christmas trend is combining a colour scheme of sparkling silver and gold on a winter white wonderland. For example, a white Christmas tree can have gold and silver ornaments, fixed together like pearls on a sparkly string. This is a particularly luxurious theme for a shop window.

Environmentally conscious

The country Christmas theme uses natural products, such as tree branches sprayed in gold, traditional wreaths, hand-crafted snowflakes and a plain linen cloth to create a rustic feel that makes shoppers think of Christmas past. The traditional display can showcase the items for sale without overpowering them and it can be a ‘greener’ way to bring your Christmas display to life.


Glitter-free Christmas

The natural trend is being taken one step further by major retailer Marks and Spencer. The high street brand is having a glitter-free Christmas, in an effort to reduce single-use plastic in the environment.

There won’t be any glitter in the window display – nor will there be glitter in any of the store’s Christmas celebration range including cards, crackers, wrapping paper and gift bags.

Although glitter may look pretty, it isn’t at all environmentally friendly and is a source of plastic waste. Marks and Spencer says it hopes to reduce its own waste, while encouraging customers to think “green” and recycle.


Reducing plastic waste

Waitrose is also pledging to stop using non-biodegradable glitter in its range by Christmas 2020 and is seeking biodegradable alternatives instead. Budget supermarket Aldi has made a commitment to replace glitter with more eco-friendly alternatives.

Glitter contains micro-plastics that can get into our oceans and harm marine life. According to a recent study, one-third of fish caught in the North Sea had micro-plastics, including glitter, in their body.

British scientists, led by Stephen Cotton, have created “eco-glitter” by using a plant-based material instead of plastic in the production process. Sir David Attenborough – a keen campaigner against the hazards of plastic in our oceans – is supporting the non-plastic glitter.


Will it catch on?

Whether it will catch on remains to be seen, as glitter is a mainstay of many sparkling Christmas window displays and of the festive period in general. Convincing businesses not to use or stock it may prove challenging.

The campaign group, 38 Degrees, is calling on the government to ban the sale of glitter altogether. Glitter has been banned by the children’s nursery chain, Tops Day Nurseries, because of its effects on the planet. The BBC show, Strictly Come Dancing, has also stopped using glitter.

However, when a BBC poll asked people if they thought glitter should be banned, a massive 76% of respondents voted “no” and only 24% said “yes”, so it may be a long time before we stop seeing traditional sparkly Christmas displays!

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