Aluminium Shopfront Maintenance Tips

It’s easy to see why aluminium has become one of the most popular materials for shopfronts. Not only does it offer versatility, security and durability, it also provides stylish appeal that’s sure to attract customers to your premises.

Although aluminium is fairly low maintenance compared with other materials, you’ll need to regularly clean and check your shopfront components to keep your front-of-house looking great and to ensure the efficient functioning of doors and locks.

Here are some top tips that every aluminium shopfront owner should follow.

Cleaning shopfront

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You’ll need to clean the glass and the frames, both inside and outside. In most cases, a clean cloth and a mild detergent or commercial cleaning agent should do the trick, but avoid abrasive solutions that contain substances such as chlorine or hydrocarbons. For those who like to keep things natural, a combination of lemon and baking soda is said to work wonders at removing oil stains from doors and windows. Alternatively, stubborn stains often respond well to a dab of paint thinner.

Cleaning will remove dust, dirt and debris from windows, doors and frames but if you notice any minor scratches or scuff marks, a paraffin cleaner or non-abrasive liquid cream should help to clear them up. Deeper scratches on aluminium frames might require retouching with paint, in which case you might need to call in the professionals.


Maintain doors and locking systems

It’s important to maintain the doors and locking systems of your aluminium shopfront, to assure optimum performance. Clean dust and debris from all parts of manual doors, and check the hinges, rollers, tracks and runners of sliding and other automatic doors.

In particular, keep tracks clear of leaves, stones and other items that might affect how they work. Consider vacuuming the tracks about once a month or so, depending on how dirty they become. Periodically applying a silicone spray to tracks will lubricate them, ensuring doors work efficiently.

Roughly every three months, locking systems may also need lubricating to keep components clean and in good order.


Cleaning frequency

How often you should clean your aluminium shopfront largely depends on how much use your premises get and where you are located. Shops on busy high streets might need cleaning more often than those in rural locations, while coastal shops are at the mercy of salt-laden winds, which can affect the smooth functioning of shopfront fittings, increasing the need for more regular maintenance.

Generally speaking, thorough shopfront maintenance should be carried out every three months or so, with periodic checking of the door, hinges, locking systems and other components.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to carry out these maintenance tasks, consider hiring professional cleaning services – it’s worth the investment. Failure to clean and maintain your aluminium fenestration products will make your store an unappealing proposition for passers-by, and it could also speed up the decline of the metal, door and locking components, necessitating replacement further down the line.


Good investment

Indeed, with proper care and maintenance, you should be able to enjoy a good 20 years or more from your shopfront, and even if you do need to upgrade, often a paint respray is all that is needed.

As well as boasting superior durability, aluminium doors and windows have polyoxide thermal breaks which retain heat, helping to make your space thermal efficient. This can have a positive impact on your energy bills, reducing your business costs. Regular cleaning to keep glass clear can further boost those all-important thermal efficiency levels.

They are also fabricated with strong and sturdy glass, helping to keep your premises secure, preventing any costly break-ins that could hike up your insurance premium.

If you’d like to reap the benefits of having an aluminium shopfront, our expert engineers at Commercial Aluminium Shopfronts can create the perfect design for your premises.

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