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Glass shopfronts not only look aesthetically pleasing; they also provide an excellent level of safety and security. Today’s modern glazed shopfronts assure maximum visibility, making a statement about the type of products or services you’re offering.


Toughened glass

Frameless glass shopfronts are designed using 10.8 mm or 12 mm laminated or toughened glass. Exceptionally strong, this ensures safety and security.

The increased strength and durability of toughened glass is created using a heating and cooling process over several layers, which enables the glass shopfront to be completed without aluminium profiles within the main area. The strength of the glass makes it difficult for someone to break in.

Should the toughened glass break, it will shatter into small pieces that are less likely to cause injury.


Fire-rated glazing

Fire-rated glazing can provide different levels of protection to suit all needs – protection levels are measured in time periods, ranging from 30 to 180 minutes. Our fire-resistant glass is compliant with the integrity and insulation levels, as defined by the European Standards.

To ensure the expected fire performance is achieved, our fire and heat-resistant glass must be part of an approved and tested glazing system, installed by our specialists.


Thermal efficiency

Today’s modern architecture favours transparency, natural light and open spaces. These “open” concepts must meet the relevant construction and fire safety requirements to protect the occupants and property.

Our toughened glass also provides thermal efficiency, including thermal insulation. Considering more than 25% of the heat from public buildings escapes through the windows, it is a great way to save on energy costs.


Passive solar gain

Inviting more light and heat into a building, aluminium shopfronts benefit from passive solar gain. To protect your window displays from sun damage, a film can be applied to the glass if requested, and we can also cater to projects specifying a requirement for solar control.

We can provide the highest-performing solar control and low-emissivity products; medium-performance reflective glasses; low-performance, body-tinted glass; and solar control glass.

Different solar glazing options are available using SN-70-35 and SN-70-41 glass.


Combat condensation

Condensation can be bad for our health and damaging to stock. The latest anti-condensation glass can prevent the problems of condensation, while improving the view through your shop windows. Ideal for commercial applications, the low-E coated product is easy to clean and robust.

Low-emissivity glass keeps more of the heat inside, while the outer pane isn’t heated as much.

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